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Matt Whatley

QA Motoring School Owner

My name is Matt Whatley and I am the owner and founder of QA Motoring School. Having been in the driving school industry since 2008 from the age of just 22, I was amongst the youngest driving instructors in the UK. Providing driving lessons in my hometown of Sandhurst, I was able to build a solid reputation for high test pass rates and value for money lessons, even from a young age. As I've developed throughout my career, I've been able to grow my business around my reputation. Not only am I able to offer you industry leading teaching techniques designed to help you pass faster, but I have also been able to structure my business to give you further peace of mind when making the decision on who you trust with teaching you to drive. My ethos has always been to provide the very best quality tuition and outstanding value for money and this approach has helped me to grow my driving school to where it is today. Any business that is growing will have issues keeping the level of quality assurance consistent and I have implemented a monitoring process to ensure I continue to provide excellent value for money for all QA Motoring School students. Thank you for visiting our website and for showing an interest in the driving tuition provided here. Please look around and you’ll see the numerous ways I strive to take to be the number one choice for local students and how I maintain our position as one of the area’s premier driving schools.  

Warm regards,  

Matt Whatley 

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